What we believe

God's Word
The Bible is God's inspired word; the authoritative and trustworthy rule  of faith and practice for all Christians.

Man is sinful and separated from God. Through faith in Jesus Christ we can be saved and our spirit, soul and body can be set free from the consequences of sin.

To know God's presence
To know God's presence is our passion here at GGC.
We want to know, experience and enjoy God's felt and realised presence.

The Holy Spirit's activity
We welcome the Holy Spirit's activity in our personal and church lives as believers. We believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

The family is important
We are commited to the family in our preaching, teaching and prayer ministry.

Dynamic, spontaneous praise and worship
Our response to God's presence may be seen in energetic worship with clapping, lifting hands and singing spontaneous unrehearsed songs to the Lord.

We value unity of the Spirit - not conformity.
This may express itself in many ways but still to flow together in accomplishing our vision.

Holiness is not legalism and is not measured by outward appearance. It is the cleansing of the believer by the power of the Holy Spirit, which is shown in Christian conduct and character.

Fervent prayer and intercession
We believe that intercession is the call of every believer. Therefore the voice of prayer is heard as we pray out loud together. Prayer is the powerhouse of our church life. Individual prayer and fasting and prayer for the whole church is encouraged at GGC.

Reaching the lost
We believe that every believer is called to reach those who do not know Jesus Christ. As a church we support and participate in mission at home and abroad.

We believe God deserves the best we have to offer.
We will seek to maintain excellence in everything connected to the work of God.

Our goal is to love one another. We encourage a demonstration of this in practical ways. Every believer is encouraged to develop deeper relationships with other believers that results in encouragement and accountability. This will happen as we devote ourselves to fellowship and serving our Lord and one another with our time and talents.

There is no substitute for lack of character. We hold integrity in highest esteem. Uprightness, trustworthiness and transparency are our best foundation stones.

The Kingdom of God
We desire to influence the times in which we live.
We are to be salt and light to the world around us as we live in the power of God's Spirit and Word.

Prophetic ministries
We believe that prophecy and the ministry of the prophet are to be active here at GGC. If we are to be filled with vision and full direction of Jesus, the prophetic voice must be heard. This and other gifts are to be fully active until the physical return of Christ.

The local church
We believe that the Lord is building the local church during these last days. The church is God's instrument to extend His purposes on earth today.

We believe that  God has a plan and pattern for government in the local church. The Elders are to the local church what parents are to the family. We are responsible before God to establish and equip the members of the church to be able to function in their God-given callings.
The Elders are responsible for church discipline and we pray that the use of this be rarely used.

The fivefold ministry
We believe that the ministry of the apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher are to be active right up until the return of Christ.

The gifts of the Holy Spirit
We believe that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are not only to be functioning in the church but are to be eagerly desired by all.

Unity and diversity
We believe that the local church should be inclusive and actively seek to include all believers. We have the power to demolish the strongholds of all prejudice within our church and community.