The History of Greenford Gospel Church

 “Do not despise the day of small things”  Zechariah 4 v10.

The beginnings of the church here at Greenford Green, dates back to the 19th Century. Sir William Perkin opened his Aniline purple dye factory on the Oldfield Lane. He was an evangelical Christian and wanted to spread the gospel. When he built his factory he also built workers cottages opposite the factory the site of the old bakery and Wincanton warehouse site. A Sunday school started in one of these houses. From these small beginnings the work here at Greenford Green started.

In the early 20th century+ Horsenden Hill and the Black Horse Pub became something of a tourist attraction. It was in the fields near the Black Horse that tent missions were held during the summer months.

In the early 1930s Greenford Green became the site of many new housing estates to provide housing for employees of new companies – such as Glaxo and Lyons


In 1932 a plot of land was purchased and a church erected by the members of this fledgling church and Greenford Gospel Hall was founded. Following the Second World War the church began to grow again and in the late 1950s it was decided to demolish the old building and build a new brick and timber-framed church. Some of the old 1950’s building is still visible (the main hall and some smaller rooms at the front of the building).


In the 1980’s the church again required more space to accommodate a growing children and youth ministry. To mark its 50th year, the year of Jubilee, the rear extension was opened [Jubilee Hall] – providing an additional hall and a space for a kitchen.

It has been amazing to see the Lord provide for the people here at Greenford and we have seen the power of faith and love at work as the people of God have given sacrificially of their time and money.

church picture

In the mid 1980’s the church grew from about 50 to 60 people to about 100 as the church ran the Good News Down Your Street course. In the space of 12 months the church saw over 20 people come to faith, be baptised and come into fellowship. These were exciting days in the church and it was around this time that the church was renamed Greenford Gospel Church (GGC).

In the early 1990’s GGC ran the Alpha course and the Lord was gracious to us. We saw many come to faith and the fellowship grew to over 120 people.

Sadly all was not well in the life of the church and in the first few years of the new millennium, two thirds of the congregation left to form a new church, leaving the smaller group behind at the church. This was a time of great sadness and heartache for all those involved. The remnant at GGC has grown from about 30 people to just over 50 in these years and we believe that there is further growth ahead for us, as we remain faithful to the Lord and His Word to us.

What next for GGC?

We believe that the church here at Greenford will grow again and we will need more space! We are seeking the Lord for the next level of growth and the first shoots of new life are forming.